Recent activities:
In October 2019, the consortium consisting of Eureconsult (Echternach, Luxemburg), Dr. Dräger & Thielmann (Frankfurt) and PRAC (Bad Soden) was assigned with a research contract to execute the Ex-ante Evaluation of the INTERREG VI-A programme "Alpine Rhine - Lake Constance - High Upper Rhine". The main task of PRAC is the assessment and systematic conceptualisation of the programme indicator system. The client is the Regierungspräsidium Tübingen

In December 2016 an EU wide consortium led by Wageningen University was awarded with the Horizon2020 research project “Rural-Urban Outlooks – Unlocking Synergies” (ROBUST). The role of PRAC will be the coordination of Work Package 2 (Rapid appraisal of studies and data, case studies with micro-spatial grid data and nocturnal satellite images), the coordination of the thematic focus “new businesses and labour markets” and supporting the partner region (“living lab”) of the Regionalverband Frankfurt-Rhein-Main.

In February 2019 PRAC and the RWI-Leibniz-Institute for Economic Research convened a training course on small-scale spatial data, night satellite images and the use of methods in spatial statistical analysis.

Publication: Bergs, R. (2021) Spatial dependence in the rank-size distribution of cities - weak but not negligible. PLoS One 16(2), 0246796

Current projects


  • Ongoing evaluation of the EAFRD funded rural development programme "EULLE" Rheinland-Palatinate 2014-2020:
    Measures: (1) Rural and agricultural infrastructure, (2) Infrastructure in steepslope viticulture and (3) flood protection; further to that support to reporting on the Partnership Agreement (in cooperation with the Institut für ländliche Strukturforschung a.d. Universität Frankfurt), on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture of Rhineland-Palatinate



  • Thematic Expert for the EENRD Evaluation Helpdesk (DG AGRI)
    Time frame: since 2014
  • „Rural-Urban Outlooks – Unlocking Synergies“
    Time frame: since 2017
    Responsibility: Rolf Bergs, Moneim Issa, Karlheinz Knickel (06/2017-12/2020), supported by Marina Kobzeva (06/2018-01/2019)
  • Ex-ante-Evaluation Interreg VI-A "Alpine Rhine - Lake Constance - High Upper Rhine" covering Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
    Responsibility: Rolf Bergs, Moneim Issa
    Time frame: 2019-2020

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